Ralph Taylor, Democrat:

I believe in equality on all fronts: race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, academic level of achievement, economic status, geographical location, etc. I believe that every citizen should have the right to equal respect, equal responsibilities and equal protections under the law. No single class should be protected more than any other class.

I believe that people should feel safe in their communities, and I support measures to prevent crime and protect Delawareans from those who commit crimes, including those who abuse power. Once a police officer, always a police officer. I believe the laws that govern all Delawareans should be clearly enforced and not manipulated.

I believe in educational opportunity for all. It is our responsibility to invest in the future of our state by providing quality education for our young people.

I believe that we need to find solutions to provide affordable, accessible, quality healthcare for every person residing in Delaware.

I believe in protecting the environment from those who would exploit it for its resources (air, land and water). I recognize that the moment we stop protecting our ecosystem, we start heading down the road to destruction for all mankind. We are guardians of our environment.

I believe in encouraging economic growth and opportunities for the citizens of our great state. I believe that an economy that puts people to work creates a better life for them and their families.

I believe that government, and the officials chosen to represent the citizens in government, should be accountable to Delawareans. Taxes should be kept low for the working class Delawarean and the government should use the money collected thoughtfully, carefully, and intentionally as to not waste or misuse funds – those public funds are the people’s money – transparency is a must.

I desire to see a renewed sense of community among Delawareans, as well as all Americans. This includes making sure that our military, our veterans, our elderly, and our young people recognize their value and their place in our communities.

I believe that every member of society should have opportunity, and alongside opportunity, they also have responsibility to one another and the community as a whole.

I believe in a safe, inclusive, and prosperous Delaware.